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We are inviting anyone to comment on the idea of

f e r a l s p a c e

and specifically, on the feral week-ender (shown in film below).


Is f e r a l s p a c e a feasible approach to embed in the curricula?

For all subjects? For all levels? When? Where?


…your thoughts are welcome…please use comments box or if you want to contribute more contact us here,


Michael ( and Dereck

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what is f e r a l s p a c e ?

Feral Space is the space between creative intention and physical outcome – it is embodied in the Art School ethos of unregulated experimentation, and is intrinsic to all Art and Design curricula.

Feral Space is elusive; it is a positive energy that conveys the creative impulse and is quintessential to learning and teaching in Art and Design.

Unregulated Feral Space facilitates interdisciplinary experimental student activities. Pass/fail accreditation devoid of marking criteria other than ‘to engage’ could revitalise risk-taking and reassert the productive importance of ‘creative failure’ as a key learning experience.

”…we do know that if you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original…….we run National educational systems which are educating people out of their creative capacities” – Sir Ken Robinson 

Proposition: The art and design curriculum could be enhanced to better support Feral Space initiatives and further develop the ethos of creative self-realisation.

Guiding principles of Feral Space could help promote the following:

  • Unregulated creative Experimentation
  • Promotion of the admirable creative failure (in the learning experience)
  • Pro-active student-led experiential learning
  • Cross subject / level/ college collaboration
  • Pass / Fail assessment – or peer assessment
  • Assessment criteria aligned to Ron Barnett’s notion of nurturing the student e.g. the will to learn, the willingness to engage.

Feral Space is a space for creative students from any discipline or stage to come together with no agenda other than to engage with each other by being open to different ways of seeing.

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